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As an exercise, you may examine some simple game and player demo models. Courtesy of XJ Technologies
Population with Clustering Analysis
An agent based demographic model: people grow up become elder and richer with time. Clustering analysis with two dimensions (age and wealth) is provided as the result of this model.

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Competition in Global Pulp Market
A generic agent based model of competition in a commodity market. The product (pulp) is made from a raw material (wood), which has different prices in different regions. The competing companies are global and can have factories (mills) in any part of the world.

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Cell Telecom Market
A model of a cell telecom market designed from the viewpoint of one operator competing with others. The mobile users’ choice is based on the price and marketing aggressiveness of the operators.

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Construction business leaders met in Swiss Otel for 27th instance of Inno.borate meeting series. 27.07.2009
Basin Management Model 010, developed for agricultural conversion projects, has been completed. Model is opened for discussions with financial institutions. 15.06.2009
011 MVRE (Mobile Real Estate Enabler Business Model) has been completed. Negotiations are started with GSM operators. 06.05.2008
Construction Industry Sector Management Model 009 has been completed. 02.02.2008
“The Economics of Codetermination: Lessons from the German Experience (Hardcover)”
  by John T. Addison (Author)
  This book provides the first ever comprehensive economic evaluation of the long-standing German system of works councils and worker directors on company boards. (more).

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